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Patient Case Study #6: Severe Scoliosis with Marfan's Syndrome


15 year-old boy diagnosed with Marfan’s syndrome at the age of 6 presented with worsening scoliosis and decreasing ability to breathe. He was only able to ambulate ½ a block before needing rest.


Neurologically normal, but very prominent deformity visible clincally.


One "Before" x-ray shows a view from the back of the patient demonstrating a 130-degree curvature of the spine.

Preop x-ray 1 Preop x-ray 2
Above: Preoperative x-ray. Above: Postoperative x-ray 1 year after the surgery.


Severe and progressive scoliosis associated with a connective-tissue disorder compromising the patient’s breathing ability and, untreated, would likely lead to early death.


Patient underwent a one-stage procedure with placement of pedicle screw instrumentation, multiple osteotomies (cutting through the bone to loosen the spine), and re-alignment of the spine. (X-rays) "After" x-ray show the surgery performed by Dr. Cheng.


Patient is now 1 year after surgery by Dr. Cheng. He has much improved alignment of his spine, is pain-free, is attending high school, and is now expected to have a normal life-expectancy. Please see testimonial by S.S. for the patient's perspective.