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Patient Case Study #7: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Coronal and Sagittal Deformity


60 year-old man with progressive back pain. He complained of being pitched very forward which worsened with walking. He could barely walk with a front-wheeled walker.


Neurologically normal, but he had significant positive sagittal balance (flexed forward) which could not be actively corrected by the patient.


Above: X-rays show a view from the back and the side of the patient

Two before treatment x-rays show a view from the back and side of the patient demonstrating significant 15cm of forward balance and a severe scoliosis.


Degenerative scoliosis with significant sagittal imbalance.

Selected Treatment

The patient underwent a minimally-invasive technique with a lateral trans-psoas approach to the lumbar spine followed by posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation.

Above: X-rays show the re-alignment of the spine through minimally invasive techniques.


The patient was able to walk independently within a week of his surgery by Dr. Cheng. He is now 3 years from the time of surgery. He has excellent alignment of his spine, is pain-free, and is able to walk without any assistance. He states that "It's like a new life. I feel good when I look in the mirror now."